Unfortunately, we’ve already missed our chance to pose these questions to the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt crew (photo: Eric Charbonneau/Netflix)

The phone lines are closed and the inboxes have been shut (but the comment section remains open, so you can still voice your displeasure with our choices below): Here is your 2015 TV Club Questionnaire, the reader-submitted line of inquiry that The A.V. Club is bringing to this year’s Television Critics Association summer press tour.

DocRules4815 asks, “If you could be working on any other television series currently on the air, which one would it be and why?”


Diabolik asks, “What are your earliest memories of TV, and did they have any bearing on you wanting to have a career in TV?”

Amy P. asks, “What efforts do you take to promote diverse viewpoints, and how do you think that has affected storytelling, either on your show or the television medium as a whole?”

The Space Pope asks, “If you could add something to the show you’re working on, without anyone knowing about it beforehand and free from any consequences from upset coworkers/networks/viewers, what would it be?”


For this initial outing, the TV Club brass is adding its own question: “If any character from your show could be given a spin-off, who would it be and what would be the premise of the new show?”

Congrats to the commenters who got picked, and thanks to everyone who submitted a question (or two or three—your enthusiasm was noted and appreciated). We’ll be reporting back with the answers to your questions soon, so stay tuned for those responses and other dispatches from the TCAs.