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Here’s what’s coming to Showtime in December

The Hateful Eight
The Hateful Eight

December is almost here, forcing people back into their homes via inclement weather and Seasonal Affective Disroder-induced ennui. Luckily, the online streaming services are working to pick up the slack and keep people entertained. Or possibly just incite them into blood-on-the-snow violence, in the case of Showtime, which revealed its surprisingly violent selection of streaming movies for the winter season today.


Fargo, The Hateful Eight, and the original Black Christmas are all coming to the premium network’s online offerings next month, offering a cold-hearted primer in icy carnage, along with religious-themed brutality like The Boondock Saints and The Passion Of The Christ. As previously announced, the service will be streaming the entirety of David Lynch’s Twin Peaks as well, building anticipation for next year’s revival series. It’s also collecting some of its existing content—including Lynch’s Blue Velvet—into streaming collections celebrating great directors, “Affairs To Remember,” and “Going West.”

It’s not all ultraviolence and gut-level discomfort, though; the service is also premiering a new special from Madonna, Rebel Heart Tour, and will continue to air episodes of Shameless and The Affair. (And yeah, we’re as surprised as anybody that the shows about cheating spouses and welfare cheats now qualify as “feel-good TV” in this current crop of stuff.) You can see the full list below.


Available December 1:

The Boondock Saints


The Passion Of The Christ

What Women Want

Black Christmas

Available December 3:

The Hateful Eight

Available December 9:

Madonna: Rebel Heart Tour

Available December 16:

Running For His Life: The Lawrence Phillips Story

Available December 17:

Shaquille O’Neal Presents: All Star Comedy Jam: Live From Sin City

Available December 22:

Tony Roberts: Motorcity Motormouth

Available December 26:

Twin Peaks: Season One

Twin Peaks: Season Two


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