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Here’s what Nicktoons characters might look like if Hollywood rebooted them

Nothing provokes kneejerk Millennial nostalgia like Nicktoons, the group of ’90s-era, Nickelodeon-produced, original animated shows which first launched in 1991 with Ren & Stimpy, Rugrats, and Doug. Correspondingly, nothing gets the salivary glands of Hollywood’s noble hordes of rebooters, revivers, and reimagineers working like tasty, profitable Millennial nostalgia. Which makes it honestly surprising that—with the exception of Ren & Stimpy’s ill-fated revival on Spike in 2003—we've yet to see an attempt by creative necromancers to bring any of these properties back to marketable life.

Cartoonist Mady G., working for Dorkly, has created some lovely images of what such a dystopian alternate reality might look like, though, producing posters of various Nicktoon characters like Quailman and Tommy Pickles in the genres that Hollywood might awkwardly force them into. The best of these is Modern Life, reinterpreting the twisted world of Rockos Modern Life as one of those quirky independent dramas where the viewer learns that those with mental illnesses are people, too. For more, check out the whole collection on Dorkly.


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