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Here’s what Logan’s fake X-Men comics looked like on the inside


You’d be forgiven for thinking the X-Men comics young Laura is carting around in this weekend’s Logan were real; featuring classic Marvel villains like Sauron, and ’80s and ‘90s-appropriate takes on the team’s costumes and catchphrases, they look at least a little like the genuine article. In point of fact, though, the comic books are fakes, created by Marvel artist Dan Panosian specifically for the film. Now, Panosian has offered fans a closer look at his work on the film, including the interiors he drew in case the insides of the non-plot-relevant comics were ever shown on screen:


Panosian’s promising more covers later today; meanwhile, here’s the cover for the actual Uncanny X-Men #117, published in 1979, for those who want to compare and contrast:

(Image: Marvel)

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