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Here’s what it’s like to watch all three Transformers films at once

Do not try this at home.

Much like syncing up Pink Floyd to The Wizard of Oz, or playing The Shining forward and backward simultaneously, Red Letter Media recently embarked on a quest to discover a deeper truth through the power of cinema by watching all three Michael Bay Transformers films at the same time. Or, perhaps more accurately, it’s a quest akin to trying to eat 30 pancakes in one sitting, as its trio of reviewers quickly devolve into a nauseated mess, their senses and spirits decimated by the experience.

Like the space monkeys of yesteryear, sacrificing themselves for the greater good, the gang of the movie review series “Half In The Bag” tackle this formidable cinematic challenge in preparation for the release of the LaBeouf-less Transformers: Age Of Extinction. Beyond the overall confusion and eventual existential dread, there are some moments of odd synchronicity and overlapping that speak to the underlying formulaic approach to these types of movies, confirming a by-the-book checklist behind today’s modern blockbusters. But mostly, it’s just a lot of loud nonsense.

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