The Price Is Right has been running continuously on TV for 42 years. In that time, the show has gone through two hosts, 100-plus pricing games, and more than a quarter billion dollars in prizes. Each of the show’s thousands of episodes is a massive production, involving moving sets, rotating prizes, contestant coordination, and a ton of other factors that are usually kept away from the cameras.

The show’s producers have pulled away the curtain, though, by releasing a video showing all of the behind-the-scenes work that goes into a single episode. It’s a fascinating watch, from Drew Carey’s crowdwork during commercials, to the discussions between producers about which contestants to select, to the way the staff in the production booth play along with the pricing games. The overwhelming sense is one of calm competence, even as the staff work to amp the contestants to the maximum level of camera-friendly energy. If you've ever wondered, say, how they get the cars out on stage, or what the backs of the show’s signature gaudy doors look like, here’s your chance. Of course, the video doesn't cover some of the show’s less convenient aspects, but it’s still an interesting look at just how much work goes into what can often feel like “disposable” television.


(Note: While the video is technically three hours long, there’s only one hour of content, with an hour-delay before the same video is rebroadcast so it could be watched live in another time zone).