In just before the inevitable glut of Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer parodies—this one’s a riff on Too Many Cooks! This one’s a Spaceballs mashup! This one uses clips from the Star Wars Holiday Special!—a new video from Australia-based filmmaker Michael Shanks sets a high bar for any that may follow. Shanks, who posts videos on YouTube as timtimfed, has envisioned what George Lucas might have done with the teaser that most of us watched from the comfort of our homes over the weekend (save for the unlucky few who bought tickets to John Wick thinking an in-theater viewing would be their only option). Emphasizing the sheer overkill of dumping CGI versions of classic (and less classic) Star Wars characters into the films, Shanks’ parody integrates all the trappings of George Lucas’ maligned recuts of the original trilogy while taking some digs at his handling of the prequels. So get in on the ground floor of this thing before the coming swarm of parodies overwhelms us all, Clone Army-style.