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Fox has released the first look at actor Donal Logue as he’ll appear in the network’s upcoming Batman prequel series, Gotham. Picking up on previous portrayals of the character, Logue’s Bullock is described as a “rough-around-the-edges” cop who “plays loose with police procedure”—hence the leather jacket and blatant violation of the Gotham PD’s facial-hair policies. This Bullock will play mentor to Ben McKenzie’s James Gordon, and the gruff, world-weary exterior of that mentor means you can replace your “Too bad Peter Gallagher isn’t playing Bullock” jokes with a fresh set of “Season two of Terriers sure took a weird turn” cracks. Here, we’ll start: Suddenly, the “Joker” references in the full version of that show’s theme song make a whole lot more sense.


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