With a fourth season of their series officially off the table, Happy Endings showrunners David Caspe and Jonathan Groff now have time to sit back, relax, and answer questions about the season-four episodes they don’t get to make. Well-intentioned questions that look biting when removed from their original context, like “As far as crushing disappointments go, where does this one rank?” and “How close were you to a deal?”—questions posed not by a passive-aggressive mother caricatured mid-scene by Casey Wilson’s Penny (a character whose time on TV has come to an end), but rather TV Line. Caspe and Groff were then asked what a non-existent season four won’t have in store for Happy Endings, a television series that is no longer on the air. A hookup between unlucky-in-love Penny and Zachary Knighton’s loveable doofus, Dave? “Maybe,” Caspe said, noting that the groundwork for such a pairing was laid in what turned out to be the show’s series finale.

But hey, showrunners and cast were recently reunited… at Elisha Cuthbert’s wedding, an event that, like new adventures of Happy Endings’ fast-talking, quick-punning Chicagoans, you will not be able to see with your own eyes. And Cuthbert didn’t end up leaving the groom at the altar, so there goes any hope that Happy Endings ceased being a TV show in order to play out the rest of its run in real life.