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Here’s the very meta alternate ending for Sausage Party

The makers of Sausage Party recently decided to launch an Oscar campaign for their “forward-thinking” grocery-store odyssey. This includes drumming up support in the Best Original Song category for “The Great Beyond”—Sony Pictures sent out CDs of the track (how quaint). Now it looks like Seth Rogen & Co. are doubling down on their efforts, releasing an alternate ending via iTunes Movies in which the beleaguered food items breaks on through to the other side.


If you’ve seen the movie, then you might be thinking that this isn’t so much an alternate ending as it is a post-credits scene. Frank (Rogen), Brenda (Kristen Wiig), Sammy Bagel Jr. (Edward Norton), and the others still have the earth-shattering revelation that they’re animated figments of someone else’s imagination—namely, Rogen’s. And they still cross through the Stargate thing to meet their makers. But the video above shows them appalled by the realization that Rogen, Norton, and Michael Cera would eat them for breakfast—or lunch, it looks like. According to co-director Conrad Vernon, this last bit was cut because “We weren’t getting the bang for our buck.” There’s no telling whether this will reduce or improve their Oscar chances.

Here’s the theatrical ending, for comparison:

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