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Here’s the trailer for The Road Warrior recut in the Fury Road vein

Vernon Wells in The Road Warrior

Mad Max: Fury Road continues to garner lots of praise ahead of its debut in theaters. With many critics saying it equals or even tops the second Mad Max film, perhaps it’s time to revisit that movie as well. 190 Proof Entertainment has done just that by recutting a trailer for The Road Warrior in the same style as Fury Road’s trailers. Using the same musical cues and rhythm of action beats, the new cut shows how the 1981 film could easily be marketed to today’s audiences and still seem like a gripping action yarn despite being over 30 years old.

While there’s a definite lack of Lord Humungus, with more attention paid to Vernon Wells’ Wez character, the new trailer puts the original sequel in a new light and reveals just how forward thinking and downright dangerous George Miller’s style has been in the Mad Max world (less so in his Happy Feet movies). It’s a fun retread over a beloved film that shows how different marketing approaches to films have become since the original trailer for The Road Warrior.

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