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Nothing like a nice reminder that the world is a nightmare and that governments and corporations are not your friends to liven up your Wednesday, right?

There’s Something In The Water marks the directorial debuts of Ellen Page (yes, that Ellen Page) and Ian Daniel, who previously collaborated on the Viceland docuseries Gaycation. Inspired by Ingrid Waldron’s book of the same name (Waldron is also a producer and figures prominently in the trailer) it sees Page return to Nova Scotia, her home province, to confront the issues of environmental racism.


“In Canada, your postal code determines your health... indigenous and black communities are the ones that tend to be located near hazardous sites,” Waldron tells the camera, before another of Page and Daniel’s subjects leads them to the very communities where this is happening.”When we got here, they decided they were going to put a dump where everything went. There [were] body parts, food, animals—anything and everything.”

This isn’t a problem that’s unique to Nova Scotia, or to Canada—the Flint water crisis comes to mind. But it’s clearly an issue close to Page’s heart, and you’ll be able to learn more about it when the film arrives on Netflix on March 27.

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