There is a world out there–perhaps Earth 2—where all the movies are different. Where Eric Stoltz was never fired from Back to the Future and replaced by Michael J. Fox, where Jodorowsky directed Dune, and where David Lynch said “yes” to George Lucas and put his weirdo mark on Return Of The Jedi. While the world will never see those cinematic what-ifs fully realized, thanks to the power of the Internet (and YouTube user C-SPIT), this faux trailer envisions what a Lynchian take on the final installment in Star Wars trilogy might have looked like.

Lynch fan service abounds here, including more than a few easy nods to Twin Peaks (Darth Vader as Bob!), but that’s more than worth it for the way it repurposes the most embarrassing Star Wars scene of all time with the haunting “Llorando” from Mulholland Drive. Stare into the great maw of the Sarlacc, and despair.