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Here’s the story of Theresa May’s failed campaign as told by Monty Python

Screenshot: ABC

Earlier this month, British Prime Minister Theresa May lost the general election that she herself called. Both during and after the election, Twitter whipped itself into a frenzy, mocking everything from “protest vote” candidate Lord Buckethead to the “fields of wheat” that May admitted running through when asked about the “naughtiest” thing she ever did as a child.

Both of those make an appearance—as does lightning rod Boris Johnson as a bug-eyed dragon—in this latest video, which tells the story of May’s campaign and defeat by recasting her as King Arthur in Monty Python And The Holy Grail. Huw Parkinson of Australia’s ABC News gracefully inserts May’s head over Graham Chapman’s as she spews some of her most memorable soundbites from the past year. Whether you’re into British politics or not, the video’s worth watching.

Although Lord Buckethead is rightly analogized as the Black Knight in the above video, it does make one recall former Prime Minister David Cameron’s mention of the character last year. Of the Labour Party’s Jeremy Corbyn, who defeated May in the election, he said, “I’m beginning to admire his tenacity. He’s reminding me of the Black Knight in Monty Python’s Holy Grail.


Now that we’ve revisited Holy Grail, perhaps now would be a good time to practice our horrendous British accents?

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