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Here’s the shower scene from Psycho remade entirely with jack-o’-lanterns

In 1998, Gus Van Sant directed a shot-for-shot remake of Alfred Hitchcock’s seminal Psycho, making sure to replicate every detail of the original film as closely as possible. The world, being hard to please, responded with a resounding “Why bother?” In hindsight, Van Sant may have done better to take a page out of artist Yuliya Tsukerman’s book and done something a little different. To drive that point home, Tsukerman has remade the movie’s famous shower sequence by carving each shot into a different jack-o’-lantern, photographing them, and editing the pictures together into a stop-motion video. Even rendered on big pieces of orange fruit, the scene remains chilling, and whatever it loses in production value is made up for by the fact that it’s rendered on big pieces of orange fruit.

Head to Tsukerman’s website for additional info on how the movie was made, and for still shots of the various jack-o-lanterns involved. If she gets enough hits, maybe she’ll be kind enough to remake a scene from It’s A Wonderful Life by carving each shot into a different spruce tree in time for Christmas.


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