We’ve given Ryan Murphy a lot of shit for saying incredibly dumb things about his upcoming Fox miniseries Scream Queens, things that would lead you to believe Murphy knows nothing about the history of horror. To be fair, that’s probably true. But all of that is in the past, because now there’s an entirely new reason to give Murphy shit: the absolutely ridiculous teaser for the upcoming horror-comedy, which aired last night after the Empire season finale.

It features Keke Palmer blowing an evil bubble with the bubble gum she’s chewing, which looks exactly as dumb as it sounds. The general tone and image makes it look like something you’d see on Nickelodeon, or possibly ABC’s “TGIF” sitcom lineup from the early ’90s. What it definitely doesn’t look like is anything scary and/or funny, thus failing the two goals set for the show. There’s still time to turn it around—the show doesn’t air until fall—but this is another warning that Scream Queens might make you look on in horror for all the wrong reasons.