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Here’s the official poster for Avengers: Age Of Ultron

Like the slavering maw of Galactus waiting to devour yet another world, the perpetually needy appetite for Avengers content must be fed. And so today sees the debut of the official Avengers: Age Of Ultron poster, complete with wildly surprising images of superheroes looking superheroically to the right of the frame. (Except for Captain America—he’s looking to the left. You could infer all sorts of things from this, but we’re guessing someone’s still grumpy about being called a lab experiment.)

Iron Man is ready to fire a beam, Hulk’s ready to smash, Thor’s ready to hammer some nails—looks like everyone’s ready for a fight. There are legions of presumably Ultron-controlled robots dropping onto them, which will make a nice replacement for the legions of Chitauri who dropped onto them the first time. But much will likely be made of the mysterious figure floating above them; mysterious, that is, unless you are already 100 percent aware that it’s totally Vision. Regardless, this is definitely a picture of the Avengers, and definitely reminds everyone that there is a movie coming out this year with all of them in it. And so, to quote Iron Man, “Avengers comin’ at ya, y’all!”


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