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Here’s the latest new Foo Fighters song, “Lah Di Da”

(Photo: Steve Jennings/WireImage/Getty Images)

The Foo Fighters are apparently feeling pretty generous these days; currently rocking their way through the middle of an international tour, the band has been doling out new songs on a regular basis. (Earlier this month, they released a video for “Run,” their first single since 2015.) Icelandic fans got a new treat from the band just last night, when, near the end of its headlining Secret Solstice set in Reykjavik, Dave Grohl declared, “We only have 22 minutes left, but I want to play you all the new fucking songs,” then launched into a new track, “Lah Di Da.”

The song kicks off with some heavy, grungy bass, before igniting into the inevitable Foo Fighters explosion of Grohl scream-singing and melodic guitar riffs. It wasn’t the only new song the band busted out last night, either; they also treated fans to the first live performance of “Run,” plus the previously teased “The Sky Is A Neighborhood.” (The setlist might have been a last-minute improvisation; when one of the other band members asked, “No ‘Everlong’?” Grohl responded, “Yeah, fuck that song, it’s old.”)

The Foo Fighters haven’t made any noise about where all this new music is going to end up—the band hasn’t had a studio album since 2014’s Sonic Highway—but for now, they seem happy to gradually break it out for fans who make the effort to see them live.


[via Pitchfork]

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