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Here’s the last reminder that we’re coming to Bumbershoot this weekend

A.V. Club Staff
We're reopening the Vogue for one night Friday for a secret show under the name Citizen Dick.

There will be no more warnings that The A.V. Club is taking a cruelly early flight Saturday morning to arrive in Seattle with plenty of time for our big Bumbershoot hoedown. The pickin’ and grinnin’ will take place at 3:30 p.m. at the Charlotte Martin Theatre, also known as the Seattle Children’s Theatre, which may be the festival’s way of reminding people that The A.V. Club is for the children.

Join A.V. Club staffers Joshua Alston, Marah Eakin, Katie Rife, and Kyle Ryan as they debate the quintessential piece of Seattle pop culture, get city specific with the A.V. Club Match Game, talk to some special surprise guests, and generally try to cram too much into 60 minutes.


Festival passes are available at Bumbershoot.com, and we are hereby accepting suggestions for where to get drinks afterward.

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