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As we previously reported, American Horror Story has been renewed for a fourth season, and this time Ryan Murphy has reached into his big bag of horror clichés and pulled out “Freak Show”. That means it’s time to call Denis O’Hare, Murphy’s favorite “Creepy Dude with a Wonky Eye or Gross Hair or Whatever.” (In the first season of American Horror Story, O’Hare played disfigured Tom Waits impersonator/homicidal maniac Larry Harvey. In AHS: Coven he played Spalding, the mute butler with an unsettling penchant for dolls.)


O’Hare, currently starring in Of Mice and Men on Broadway, recently spoke to Vulture about his role in AHS:  Freak Show. Without divulging too many details, O’Hare describes his role as a “collector of freaks,” and says that, unlike last season, he and Jessica Lange will be at odds with each other. “We’ll have lots of scenes with each other, but we’ll be battling,” O’Hare says. That’s all he’s willing to say for now—either because Denis O’Hare signed a confidentiality agreement, or because the writers haven’t yet consulted the bones on some key plot points.

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