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Here’s the incredibly awkward sketch cut from this weekend’s SNL

Kyle Mooney’s out-of-touch comedian character, Bruce Chandler, has shown up on SNL’s Weekend Update before, but apparently couldn’t make the cut for this past weekend’s episode. “Comedy Club” was cut for time, and given how aggressively, almost maliciously awkward it is, it’s not hard to see why. The clip, seen below, finds Mooney’s Chandler bombing on stage and unsuccessfully attempting to chat up up Dave Attell and Artie Lange before enthusiastically pitching host Kevin Hart on what he believes is a hot new idea: stand-up comedy on TV. He also asks Hart and his friends if they’re “on [their] way to a slam dunk contest” and calls them both “soul brothers” and “groove cats.” It’s as hard to watch as that would all suggest. Fortunately, it takes a turn toward the end, but until then, it’s pretty rough sailing.

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