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Here’s the Hook trailer recut as a horror movie

Robin Williams is no stranger to the family-film-recut-as-horror-flick phenomenon, but this sideways take on Steven Spielberg’s 1991 movie Hook defies expectation by not exploiting the actor’s aggressive comedic style.

Rather, YouTube channel So, Is It Any Good? culls creepiness by adopting the prevailing stylistic flourishes of most modern horror trailers. That means ultra-quick cuts, deliberate obfuscation, and a simmering soundtrack of fuzzy distortion that pulses to climax before abruptly dropping out for a vocal stinger:

While some recut trailers aim to imply the film itself is constructed atop a horrific foundation (a la Mrs. Doubtfire), others simply demonstrate how crafting a serviceable scare is more of a science than a talent, rendering the source material interchangeable. This is why we end up with movies like The Bye Bye Man.


It’s only a matter of time now until we get the recut trailer for Rufio’s forthcoming origin story, which would probably be better as a horror film anyway.

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