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Vincent D’Onofrio has long been hailed as a fairly eccentric figure, bringing his unique intensity to everything from Law And Order: Criminal Intent to The Break-Up. His latest project is especially unapologetic, though: He’s teamed up with musician Dana Lyn to release Slim Bone Head Volt, a new spoken word punk record due out March 3 on Buddhabug Records. Lyn and D’Onofrio met while they were rehearsing an off-Broadway play, and came together to mix her experimental music with his free-form words, described in a press release as springing from “the free-form system of Stanislavski mixed with the daring of Sturm Und Drang and the broken fourth wall of improvisation.” As D’Onofrio says in that same release, “There’s no going back. This is how things are supposed to feel.”

Below, The A.V. Club is premiering the album’s first single, “I’m A Hamster.” It’s just about what you’d think it would be, which is to say totally weird, but also kind of endearing.


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