Superheroes are defined by the iconic power of their enemies. Superman has the arrogant Lex Luthor, Batman the chaos-worshiping Joker. Now, Entertainment Weekly has revealed the first image of the nemesis that will bedevil Paul Rudd’s Ant-Man in Marvel’s upcoming film, driving him to acts of heroism and noble battle: A guy in a yellow wasp suit. Specfically, Corey Stoll in a yellow wasp suit, playing a villainous version of the Marvel character Darren Cross—known as Yellowjacket in this incarnation—wielding plasma cannons against Rudd’s red-clad Scott Lang. Rumors that the movie’s post-credits scene will feature a morally neutral Blue Guy to fill out the primary colors motif remain unconfirmed.


According to director Peyton Reed, contests between Yellowjacket and Ant Man will contrast Cross’ deadly arsenal with Lang’s speed and relative ant strength. What they won’t rely on, however, is any interaction between the two actors, since the motion capture for the fights were done in separate times and places. Paul Rudd, himself no stranger to a world where personas and powers can be swapped out with the click of a button, was unconcerned about the differences between the mo-cap-heavy film and the wise-cracking, panther-summoning roles he’s more accustomed to. The actor told EW, “Every part, I’m pretending to be somebody I’m not. It’s all just a big lie!” He then proceeded to pull a penny from behind the interviewer’s ear, smile charmingly, and disappear.