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If you were somehow still in denial (or ignorance) of the new Ghostbusters being an all-woman team, here’s even more proof that the patriarchy is crumbling. The first official image of Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones, and Kate McKinnon has been released via a Ghostbusters fan (and podcast) Twitter account. Call it an early Christmas gift—or just something to angry up the blood on a Wednesday morning.


There they stand, the new Ghostbusters, in their headquarters or the lobby of a building, either pre- or post-busted ghost. They’re in full Ghostbuster garb while wielding their proton packs as the air grows thick with geekery and green with…well, something (though probably not Slimer). The formidable foursome certainly looks prepared to face the otherworldly odds, including but not limited to the return of Ecto Cooler. We just hope that the latest Star Wars movie has instilled enough good will in people this morning to preempt any “ruined childhood” remarks.

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