DC and Warner Bros. apparently decided tonight was the night to unload all the footage they’ve been sitting on for their next big superhero push. Not only did the pair unleash a new, surprisingly stylish trailer for Suicide Squad; they also showed off the first footage from the Gal Gadot-starring, Patty Jenkins-directed Wonder Woman movie.

The footage dropped during The CW’s Dawn Of The Justice League special, a promotional event in which—going off the footage here—an apparently mute Kevin Smith watched in awe as writer Geoff Johns talked about how great both Wonder Woman and origin stories are. As hinted at by comments from co-star Chris Pine—represented here by a lifelike Chris Pine mannequin—the film will span multiple eras, from Diana’s distant origins, to World War I, where she takes some time to go medieval—as in, beating people up with swords and shields—on some enemy soldiers.


Given that most comic book adaptations these days try to to be epic by going big and heavy on the CGI explosions, it’s actually pretty refreshing to see something that draws its emotional weight from taking place over a time period longer than “That guy stole a thing, let’s go punch him,” and “We punched that guy, now grab that thing.” (It doesn’t hurt that, of the various superhero origin stories on the market, this is one that’s pretty strongly underrepresented.)

You can see the footage for yourself on YouTube, courtesy of channel The TSG Network. They were kind enough to cut the special down to just the new footage, along with the occasional happy Kevin Smith reaction shot, for your collection of happy Kevin Smith reaction shots.

[h/t Variety]