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Here’s the estimated cost of every wedding on Game Of Thrones

The latest season of Game Of Thrones ended yesterday, meaning it’s time for every site in the world (including this one) to throw all its Thrones-related content online to see what sticks before packing it up for the next 10 months as audiences try to forget that Jon Snow-sized hole in their collective heart. And speaking of hearts—weddings. The Daily Dot sought out Sarah Haywood, “Britain’s most sought-after wedding planner and an authority on multimillion-dollar weddings,” to try and pin down which Game Of Thrones couple had the most opulent and expensive wedding. The results shouldn’t really surprise you, though it’s worth noting that Margaery Tyrell and Joffrey Baratheon’s $10.3 million wedding was dwarfed by Prince William and Kate Middleton’s $34 million affair. They just edged out Michael Jordan’s recent nuptials, though, so take that Mr. Greatest Basketball Player Of All Time.

More interesting than the chart are some of the estimated figures in The Daily Dot’s piece. (There are even gifs!) For instance, “food and drink fit for a Khal’s 1,000 most treasured warriors and advisers is going to set you back $587,615, while simpler fare—horsemeat and root vegetables—for the other 39,000 tribesmen in attendance will cost $1,636,927.50.” In contrast, Talisa Maegyr and Robb Stark’s wedding only cost about $503, or the officiant’s fees. And lest you forget how much actual real-life weddings are, the piece notes that the average American wedding costs about $27,000.


The Daily Dot’s happily wedded chart is below for your romantic perusal.

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