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Here’s that Rufio origin story starring the dude who played him in Hook

Screenshot: Bangarang

Talks of a prequel to Steven Spielberg’s 1991 film Hook centering around bad boy Rufio have been bangaranging around the internet since 2012 or so. Earlier this year, however, some forward momentum was made on the project when Dante Basco, the actor who portrayed Rufio, announced a Kickstarter for a short film that would tell the story of the character’s arrival in Neverland. Despite only seeking $30,000, Basco and director Jonah Feingold raised nearly $70,000. Now, you can see just how they put that money to use.

Aptly titled Bangarang, the 17-minute short stars Sheaden Gabriel as Roofus and Basco as the boy’s principal. Despite its cheesiness, the short’s a sweet, good-natured tale that should please fans of the original, especially those with kids they’re hoping to convert into fans. Watch the whole thing below.

Sure, it won’t blow anyone’s minds, but it’s a helluva lot better than Basco’s last Rufio-centered project.


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