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[Note: The Legion season-one finale is less than a week old, so we’re going to continue to preface any related posts with a little warning, to give you adequate time to go to the astral plane or otherwise avoid any spoilers before you’re all caught up.]


Now that all has been revealed—or, rather, all the information Noah Hawley was willing to give us—on Legion, fans have to settle in for the year-long wait before season two. That season-one conclusion was, in many ways, as straightforward a tale as the premiere: David was sick, but now he’s better. With Lenny out of his mind (literally), the world’s most powerful mutant is in control of his powers, and he wants to fight the good fight. He offered peace and an alliance to Division Three’s Clark before credits rolled, but if you stuck around after, as Hawley and Dan Stevens urged fans to, you’d know that it’ll be a while before David’s able to live up to that promise. If you weren’t able to catch that post-credits scene, here it is, in all its poking-at-the-bear glory.

David’s scanned by an orb that absconds with him in plain view of a helpless Syd (and that creepy hanging guy in the background—what is this, Three Men And A Baby?). , Whether or not it’s the Equinox weapon that was teased in the finale, it’s creating a tiny world of trouble for David once more. This is all the season two teasing that we’ll get for a while, so in the interim, let’s analyze David’s triangles some more.

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