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Here’s Keanu Reeves as 9 different Disney princes for your Monday

Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez (Getty Images for Disney)

Yes, we realize we may be pushing the Keanu Reeves super-saturation limit. But his latest breathtaking turn as Duke Caboom in this weekend’s successful Toy Story 4 release ushered Reeves into the Disney universe. And one talented artist subsequently wondered, what then would Reeves look like as the prince in a variety of different Disney movies?


As Bored Panda reports, illustrator Crystal Ro then drew the star as beloved figures like Aladdin, the Beast, and Prince Eric, complete with his current 5 o’clock shadow and longer hairstyle, posting the results on Instagram. And whaddya know? He looks great as all of them, from the amorous gaze of Pocahontas’ John Smith to the polite introductions of Sleeping Beauty’s Prince Philip to the romantic joy of The Princess And The Frog’s Prince Naveen. Color us unsurprised.

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