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Here’s how to make the origami figures from Blade Runner

Blade Runner is a movie full of suggested mysteries, some of the biggest of which—like “Is Harrison Ford’s Rick Deckard a replicant?”—have been revealed in the decades since the film’s release. Others, such as “What is Gaff’s (the origami-making character played by Edward James Olmos) deal?” are left blessedly open to interpretation. In any event, thanks to a website by Kenneth Thompson, a flooring company owner in Michigan, fans of the film can make like their inner Gaff and craft tiny unicorns, chickens, and matchstick men to delight and enigmatically criticize their friends. Those who can’t be bothered to learn the meticulous craft of shaping paper into the crude facsimile of a hen can also purchase the figures outright.


[via Dangerous Minds]

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