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Here’s how to listen to Prince online right now

(Photo: Getty Images)

Given the news of Prince’s death, it’s only natural to want to listen to Prince tracks. A little “When Doves Cry” would take at least a little of the pain away, after all. But given the Purple One’s dismissive view of YouTube and streaming services that aren’t Tidal—which, incidentally, is another great place to listen to Prince—there’s not a lot of his music out there online, unless you want to straight-up purchase it from iTunes or Amazon. Thankfully, Minnesota Public Radio station The Current is on the case, and is broadcasting an all-Prince set right now and for the foreseeable future. The Current is occasionally interspersing songs with NPR news updates and heartbroken DJ chatter, but it’s a good way to get some immediate catharsis without dropping a quick $100.

The A.V. Club will be posting more on Prince’s life and legacy later today.


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