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Here’s how to keep track of all those pesky Robins

If you’re not a hardcore Batman fan, the world of Robins may get a little fuzzy for you after a certain point. Dick Grayson: a classic. Jason Todd: an interesting almost-tragedy. Tim Drake: intriguing. After that, though… Who’s Stephanie Brown? How was Damian Wayne even conceived?

Fortunately for fans of Batman’s beloved ward,  Noah Sterling’s YouTube channel has published “Our humble attempt to condense the history of the world’s greatest sidekick in under 5 mins.” Sterling summarizes different origin stories, costumes, and personas, although the various Robins’ returns from the dead are easily written off as “reality-altering shenanigans” involving time travel and whatnot. Thankfully, the video only focuses on the canonical Robins to keep things relatively simple. As such, you won’t find The Dark Knight’s Carrie Kelly included in this breakdown, nor all those Earth-2 offshoots. These five come with more than enough baggage.

If you need further assistance, there are a few more videos on Sterling’s channel. He’s a “New York City-based multimedia director/producer,” according to his website, who offers appealing animation amid quick summaries of other complicated topics like “The Secret History of Wonder Woman” and “The Cartoon History Of Tentacle Porn.”


Gwen Ihnat is the Editorial Coordinator for The A.V. Club.

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