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Here’s how much money Vince Chase has given his entourage over the years


Who even likes Vincent Chase? He is, objectively, the most boring character in Entourage’s staggering world of uninteresting men. The soft-eyed actor—and star and director of acclaimed film Hyde—has little purpose in the world of Entourage other than to stand around and look pretty. Oh, and loan money to his freeloading friends.

According to BroBible, some PayPal bros have crunched the numbers to figure out exactly how much of his fortune Vinnie Chase has shelled out over the years to keep the rest of the entourage afloat. They estimate Turtle’s debt to be around $423,366 for his chauffeur service alone, but with an extra $250,000 on top of that thanks to the Ferrari Vince gifts him in season six. Drama comes into second place with an estimated sample debt of $480,047 for his chef service, and the supposedly business savvy E comes in at an approximate $339,300 for his participation in nightlife and other forms of entertainment with the fellas.


All in all, Vince’s contributions to the team total over $1.5 million over the course of eight seasons. But just like they don’t seem to understand the first thing about human women, the entourage doesn’t really seem to get how money works.

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