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Jurassic Park

The release of a new Jurassic Park movie is the internet’s time to shine, and this go around for Jurassic World has lived up to lofty content expectations. But, in the case of this video analyzing exactly how much it would cost to build a Jurassic Park, timely content proves to be highly useful and informative. That is, if you ever intend on building an actual dinosaur theme park.

The clip covers most of the necessary angles, from the billions of dollars it would cost to buy a couple islands off the coast of Costa Rica to salaries for the staff of lawyers, scientists, and animal handlers to the one-time and annual fees for infrastructure, equipment, and cloning. What the video doesn’t consider is the insurance fees and amount lost in lawsuits when your park eventually succumbs to chaos theory, killing countless staffers and guests, and possibly endangering the entire planet should your abominations of nature ever escape. So, we’re guessing the figure here is a little conservative for the actual cost of a Jurassic Park.

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