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Here’s every time someone on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia says “god dammit”

Photo: FX

There’s no shortage of outbursts on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, the joyously mean-spirited FX sitcom about a gang of horrible friends and their filthy Philly dive bar. Whether the cards have fallen in their favor or, as is more often the case, their plans are crumbling around their ears, the cast is primed and ready to spew all manner of invective. The most common of their outbursts? A hearty “god dammit,” the likes of which have been preserved in the below video, which, courtesy of YouTube user Nikki Potnick, compiles every use of the expletive (in chronological order) throughout the show’s entire run.

Sociopathic Dennis clearly leads the “god dammit” quotient in the early going, with Mac trailing close behind. Charlie, sweet soul that he is, keeps that mouth clean. As the series progresses, however, Dee also becomes quite fond of the phrase, if only for the innumerable ways Kaitlin Olson could bend, shape, and manipulate it. The higher-pitched her voice gets, the funnier these “god dammits” are. And with Glenn Howerton being unfortunately absent next season, we’re gonna need her to keep ’em coming.


Seriously, if you’ve ever needed a reminder of how brilliant this ensemble is, simply watch this mashup. It’s unreal how many ways you can deliver a single phrase.

[via Uproxx]

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