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Here’s EPIC TAKEDOWN master John Oliver with an EPIC TAKEDOWN of transphobia

Last Week Tonight

Today is Monday, which means that the world was just rocked by another epic takedown from John Oliver on yesterday’ Last Week Tonight. The takedown master has already destroyed Miss America, the annual turkey pardon, FIFA, pumpkin spice lattes, and the Confederate flag, and last night he completely dismantled another target that was wholly deserving of an epic takedown (even more than pumpkin spice lattes): transphobic people in the media, in politics, and in general.

Oliver’s epic takedown was set off by the tendency for people in the media to ask transgender interview subjects about their genitals, which is pretty messed up, and he then (epically) transitioned into a depressing array of statistics on how civilian transgender people are still facing significant hardships even as famous transgender people appear on popular TV shows and magazine covers. He also brings up transgender people in the military, a transgender high school kid who wants to go to the bathroom without being bullied, and Mike Huckabee saying some creepy bullshit. We don’t want to spoil all of his takedowns, but don’t worry. The deserving parties all get destroyed as epically as possible.


Bask in the glorious destruction by watching the clip from HBO’s Last Week Tonight below, and make sure to talk about it on social media so everyone knows you witnessed this epic takedown.

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