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Here’s Conan O’Brien on the Armenian equivalent of The Daily Show

We might not realize it in the famously self-centered United States Of America, but our American Daily Show is not unique. In fact, lots of other countries have their own variation on the “guy in a suit talking about current events in a funny way” concept. The Armenian version of this is called ArmComedy, and it’s an especially clever twist on the Daily Show formula because it has two guys in suits instead of just one. And one of them looks like Jim Parsons, so it’s also like the Armenian Big Bang Theory.

Anyway, we talk about Armenian television on The A.V. Club all the time, but the specific reason we’re talking about it today is because—as we reported a few days ago—American talk show host Conan O’Brien recently visited Armenia to film a special episode of Conan. While he was there, though, he stopped by ArmComedy to chat about bobbleheads, try to understand the trend among Armenian men to walk with their arms locked together, and to start a rumor about being part-Armenian. The interview in general is a lot of fun, and apparently Conan is a big enough star that he’s now the most famous guest in ArmComedy history. (Second place is Serj Tankian’s brother.)

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