Okay, this one will take a bit of explanation. First, as many listeners of the Comedy Bang! Bang! podcast know, Scott Aukerman loves him some good song riffing. Paul F. Tompkins, frequent guest on Comedy Bang! Bang!, is also a fan of riffing and warbling. On one episode of the podcast, the two launched into an extended version of the “Cantina Song” from Star Wars (as performed by Figrin D’an and the Modal Nodes—thanks, Wikipedia!). So far, so good?

Then Comedy Bang! Bang! superfan Frank Pulaski III (a.k.a. dreamtymefilms) took that riff and used it to replace “Johnny B. Goode” during the climactic prom performance in 1985’s Back To The Future.


Whew, that was a long walk. And so, for anyone out there that had “comedy podcast,” “Star Wars”, “Back To The Future”, and “Mash-up”—congratulations, you just won Internet bingo! Now enjoy the video: