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Yesterday, Kit Kat announced that it had secured Chance The Rapper for an upcoming commercial, adding “candy bar pitchman” to the rising hip-hop star’s list of accolades like “festival organizer” and “White House invitee.” Now, America’s favorite divisible chocolate wafer company has released the ad itself, featuring a bear suit-clad Chance and a Coloring Book-esque riff on the old “Give Me A Break” jingle.

.@chancetherapper + @Kit_Kat_Break = Chance the WRAPPER! 🍫🎹🔥 #PressPlay #KitKatBreak#HalloweenBreak pic.twitter.com/ap8GzdPnKc

— Kit Kat (@Kit_Kat_Break) October 4, 2016

And while there’s probably some analysis to be done on the way this latest commercial gig represents another step on the young Chicago rapper’s journey toward mainstream superstardom, we’re still kind of hung up on the fact that he’s labeled as “Chance The Wrapper” on the packaging in the ad. That’s some top-level stupid punning, on par with all the “Sunday Candy” jokes people in the comments are even now desperately racing to make.


[via Stereogum]

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