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Here’s Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” mashed up with the Night Court theme, just because

Sometimes the Internet surprises everyone. Seemingly dissonant items come together to create a new harmonious element that works better than anyone dared dream or expected. It takes a special type of person to hear the theme music for Night Court and think, “I’m pretty sure Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies’ would work over this beat.” But that person exists and has made such a fever dream come true. Comedian Ramsey Ess blended the two songs together, with Beyonce’s vocals over the well-known bwamp-wamp sounds of the ’80s sitcom staple’s theme.


But what lyrics are better for the Night Court theme: those supplied by Queen Bey or the ones that Dan Harmon once dreamt up and performed at a Harmontown taping? Either way, attorney Dan Fielding approves.

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