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Here’s an incredibly easy way to call your representatives to complain about shit

Photo: Thomas Samson/Getty

You know: fuck. There is a ton of shit going on. Every time you open up the internet, or look at your phone, it’s like: fuck. Shit going on.

A lot of people out there are like, “You should call your representatives and drag those motherfuckers for letting all this shit go on,” and they’re right: that is one of the most effective forms of civic engagement. You can call these asshole representatives at their Washington offices, or you can call them at their state offices, where they are obligated to hear you out as you let them know that there is too much shit going on, can it please go back to being chill. Because: fuck.


Fortunately, there is a clean, easy way to get all those assholes’ phone numbers. CallTrumpOut.com takes your address and drops all of your representatives into your phone contacts so you can let these assholes know that if shit doesn’t stop you won’t vote for them, and you’ll work against them, and you’ll have to do a bunch of other shit until shit stops happening, because fuck.

The website provides numbers for your senators and congresspeople as well as direct lines for the House Oversight Committee and the Department Of Justice. If you need help with what shit to complain about, aside from the cancellation of CBS’s Limitless and the fact that everything fucking sucks, here’s a helpful tip sheet.


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