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Here’s an extremely sexy playlist compiled by Paul Rudd’s Wet Hot character

Photo: Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later

Wet Hot American Summer’s latest Netflix miniseries Ten Years Later comes out tomorrow, fulfilling an off-hand joke made at the close of the original movie from 2001. Fortunately, it’s really good, providing series creators David Wain and Michael Showalter plenty more room for comedy that flits instantaneously between high- and low-brow, between richly character-based humor and total absurdity. Its 1991 setting also provides a rich vein of ’90s jokes—just look at their damn outfits.

Accordingly, they have combined those ’90s jokes and characters into a series of Spotify playlists detailing the musical choices of characters. Chief among them is “Doinkage 91,” which allows listeners the world over to imagine the sounds of doinking notably hot camp bad boy Andy Fleckner:


Full of tender guitar licks, melancholy romance, and soaring soft-rock choruses, it is likely to inspire a whole new crop of camp-goers in another decade.

Also on offer is an equally sexy, although significantly less effective, playlist by Victor Pulak, played by Ken Marino. Called “PERManently sexy,” it features not one but two Vanilla Ice songs.

It is less good for fucking to.

Finally, comes this list of camp rules set to music, ostensibly curated by the can of vegetables. It is almost exclusively about not fucking.


The new series premieres in its entirety on Netflix tomorrow. You can prepare by listening to these playlists of varying quantities of sexiness in the meantime.


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