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Here’s all the fancy bells and whistles on Spidey’s new Homecoming suit

Spidey and Droney. (Image: Spider-Man: Homecoming)

Most people are lucky to get a snazzy tie pin or a used pocket square as the accessories for their Homecoming suit. Not so for your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, with Marvel releasing a new graphic today showing off all the high-tech bells and whistles in Peter Parker’s latest duds. Designed by Tony Stark, it’s a versatile bit of kit, complete with built-in GPS, enhanced web shooters, and that detachable recon drone we saw in the latest trailer. (Director Jon Watts says it’s called “droney,” which is pretty dang cute.)

(Chuck Zlotnick / Sony Pictures Entertainment)

The suit also sports web wings (for gliding aerodynamically over helicopters), “expressive eyes,” and auto-fitting technology. That’s right: Iron Man has finally mastered self-fitting tech, meaning Spider-Man is one step closer to living every nerd’s dream of having Marty McFly’s outfit from Back To The Future Part II. (It remains to be seen whether it’s self-drying, too.)

Of course, previous reports on Spidey’s Homecoming clothes have also indicated that Stark is keeping some control over which of Peter’s suit-based armament he has access to. Given how much the trailers have emphasized Pete pushing against those boundaries, prime yourself to see him fight without all these fancy bells and whistles, too, when Spider-Man: Homecoming glides into theaters on July 28.

[via The L.A. Times]

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