Photo: Drew Angerer/Getty

One of the recurring refrains since the election has been a warning call against “normalizing” the extremist politics of Donald Trump—that if we care about American culture, we cannot make peace with the anti-Semitism, racism, xenophobia, and misogyny of Trumpism, or politely give people like Steve Bannon a fair shake.

But, shit, sometimes you’ve got deadlines to hit, and calling a white supremacist “a white supremacist” gets to be a little much. Helpfully, Boing Boing has created a euphemism generator to keep things pumping. You just click on it and—bam!—you don’t have to call Steve Bannon or David Duke a white nationalist anymore.


There is, obviously, a bit of a pattern here, but the point still stings. The generator’s creator, Rob Beschizza, nails the idiosyncratic dictions of New York Times headlines, a skill he also employed six years ago for his New York Times Torture Euphemism Generator.

For some more satirical rallying cries against the normalization of Trumpism, check out these recent jeremiads from John Oliver and Seth Meyers. You can make your own bone-chilling euphemisms over at Boing Boing.