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Here’s a video of Tom Hiddleston performing as Hank Williams

One-man charm offensive and talented mimic Tom Hiddleston has pulled off yet another delightful impression, this time through song. As we previously reported, The Avengers actor is set to play country star Hank Williams in a new indie biopic called I Saw The Light. This weekend, he got into the role by surprising the crowd at the Wheatland Music Festival with a cover of Williams’ “Move It On Over.” The video from the performance is blurry—and filmed by a family who’s obviously really excited to see Loki onstage—but the audio reveals that Hiddleston has done his homework when it comes to aping Williams’ smoky vocal stylings.

And for those who need a refresher, here’s Williams singing his first country hit.

This isn’t the first time Hiddleston has displayed his vocal talents onstage. He previously sent the Internet into a tizzy when he performed Michael Jackson’s “Man In The Mirror,” then again when he broke out into The Jungle Book’s “The Bare Necessities” with Christina Hendricks.


I Saw The Light begins shooting in Louisiana next month, so residents should keep an eye out for more surprise performances and/or random acts of charm from the British thespian.

[via MTV]

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