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Illustration for article titled Here’s a video of Eddie Vedder giving a tour of Wrigley Field in 1992

It’s been a few days since the Cubs won their first World Series in 108 years, and while the rest of the world might already be getting over its fair-weather interest in Chicago sports, Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder is the kind of lifelong fan who will probably keep celebrating this thing for the next 108 years. Before that big win last night had even happened, though, Curbed Chicago dug up a YouTube video posted by a guy named Tomas Pelaez that shows a young Eddie Vedder in 1992 giving a little tour of the area surrounding the Cubs’ Wrigley Field. It’s the day of a Pearl Jam concert at the Metro (a venue right across the street from Wrigley), and Vedder is clearly very excited to have this chance to hang around outside the park—even before he sees a box of discarded sod from the actual field.

Baseball aside, it’s also kind of interesting just to see how much—and how little—the area around Wrigley Field has changed in the last 24 years. The Metro is still right where it was, but Pearl Jam is too big to play there now. These days, they can just go straight for Wrigley Field itself.

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