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“Sometimes during the day, I’ll do the simplest things. I’ll be taking a bath, and I say to myself, ‘I wonder if Jerry’s taking a bath right now?’” So says a stalker (Sandra Bernhard) to her celebrity kidnapping victim (Jerry Lewis) as he’s duct-taped to her dining room chair in Martin Scorsese’s The King Of Comedy. These days, delusional and detail-oriented fans can simply turn to social media to receive real-time updates on what their favorite stars are doing. Case in point: Photos Drake Liked. The title is self-explanatory. Philadelphia-born rock musician Eric Emm, who constitutes half of a band called Tanlines and has worked in the past with !!! (Chk Chk Chk), curates this bizarre, single-purpose Tumblr which simply collects photos that 27-year-old Canadian hip-hop sensation Drake has liked on Instagram.


Emm offers no commentary on said Drake-approved photos. When viewed in toto, these images are only arguably revealing about the mystery that is Drizzy. As it happens, the erstwhile Degrassi: The Next Generation star is partial to pictures of himself, his fans, other celebrities, sassy seniors, and himself. It is still unclear at press time whether Photos Drake Liked, which has existed for 10 months now, is meant to comment upon, parody, or simply embody the queasy quasi-intimacy fans now believe they share with celebrities through sites like Instagram and Tumblr.

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