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Here’s a tiny bit more information on Fargo’s second season

Now that season two of FX’s series Fargo has secured Kirsten Dunst and Jesse Plemons, teasers about its storyline are slowly dribbling out like blood from a beautifully filmed bullet wound. The latest hint about the direction of next year’s story comes in the form of Entertainment Weekly previewing an officially leaked script page from the premiere, giving a few more clues about Dunst and Plemons’ married couple, Peggy and Ed Blomquist. The scene has Peggy trying to quietly rub a mysterious blood stain out of her shirt collar, and offers a few tidbits about their respective personalities. (Ed Blomquist is described as “a cow, basically. Which sounds like a judgment, but is simply his classification in the animal kingdom.”)

In addition to revealing that the Blomquists will be “caught in an escalating war between a local crime gang and a major mob syndicate,” EW quotes showrunner Noah Hawley as saying the upcoming season will have an almost Western-like quality. “The scope of the storytelling this season is a lot bigger, it has more of an epic feel to it,” he says. And along with the show’s 1979 time period, Hawley says the Luverne, Minnesota setting is even more rural. “It’s not the ’70s in a Boogie Nights kind of way,” Hawley adds. So if your “Fargo Season Two” bingo card has a square for “Lots Of Porn,” you can probably forget about that one.


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