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Here’s a Swedish grad student who can snap the Super Mario Bros. theme

Beatboxing flautists and metalhead gamers step aside, because the “whimsical covers of the Super Mario Bros. theme” trend has reached its apex. Swedish graduate student and walking Stupid Human Trick Emil Axelsson has posted a video of himself on YouTube that displays his ability to perform the iconic video game theme merely by snapping his (very flexible) fingers. Axelsson will probably regret this when he’s refilling his arthritis medication in 30 years, so hopefully his 15 minutes of fame will be worth it— he’s even set up an account where viewers can donate a couple bucks in support of his unique skill set. In the meantime, the video has racked up over a half a million views in only two days, proving that the world is, in fact, ready for a guy who can snap the Super Mario Bros. theme.

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